Steer Carcass Challenge

The Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation will hold the 10th Annual Steer Carcass Challenge.  The Steer Carcass Challenge is designed to provide an opportunity to donate to the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation while creating a venue for friendly competition based on performance and carcass merit of cattle.


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Ways to Participate

1. Individuals that own cattle:
a. An individual can donate one or more steers that weigh between 600 and 700 lbs.
b. Steers should be weaned for a minimum of 45 days, vaccinated, bunk broke, dehorned and castrated prior to delivery.  The Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN) protocol for vaccination and preconditioning is highly recommended.  Weaning deadline is September 27, 2023.

2. Individuals that DO NOT own cattle:

a. You can donate toward the feed cost of the carcass challenge if you are not able to donate.

b. An individual or a collective group of individuals can purchase a steer, steers or portion thereof out of a pen of cattle purchased by the OCF.

c. For individuals, not part of a collective group, interested in purchasing a portion of a steer contact the OCA at (405) 235-4391 for more information.

d. For individuals or collective groups of individuals wanting to purchase a steer the cost of a steer will depend on markets at the time of purchase.


1. Steer delivery date and times are as follows: November 10, 2023 from 10 a.m. to noon at Willard Sparks Beef Research Center, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla.
Alternate delivery points are available in each region of the state with a minimum of two weeks advanced notice.

2. Upon delivery to the Willard Sparks Beef Research Center steers become property of OCF.

3. Any and all expenses upon delivery or purchase will be carried to the end of the feedout and allocated on a per head basis.  Expenses will be paid for by OCF.

4. Steers will be harvested when the majority of the group is estimated to have attained .5 inches fat cover at the 13th rib.  Steers will be marketed as a group.  No exceptions.

Alternate Drop-Off

*You must notify the office a minimum of two weeks prior to drop-off. 


Final reports containing all genetic and carcass data are mailed to all donors following conclusion of the contest and announcement of results at the Annual Oklahoma Cattlemen's Convention and Trade Show.


At slaughter, cattle are recorded for all carcass traits and ranked by carcass value. Statistics gathered from receiving to rail determine the victors in the following categories. Results announced at the Annual OCA Convention Banquet.

- Average Daily Gain (ADG)
- Carcass Index
- Overall (Highest profit margin)



OCF strongly encourages each individual to speak with their own tax representative as to the details of his or her own situation and to the deductibility of their contribution.  

Unified County Shared Profit Program

Proceeds from donated steers provide scholarships, support research, and bring producers educational opportunities throughout the year - but proceeds from cattle donated by OCA members from Unified Counties are split 50/50. After cost deductions, half of the profit generated in the sale of the fat steer return to the local association.

Rebate checks have no restrictions on spending. Counties should use these funds to provide opportunities to their membership at their discretion, realizing payouts historically can range from $400 to almost $4,000!