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As an added Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association membership benefit, we are putting together educational and informative webinars.

We have several webinars planned that are very timely topics.  Most of these webinars will happen on Wednesday.  So be sure to check here and on our social media outlets to stay up on top of what's happening on #WebinarWednesday.

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Upcoming Webinars


Beef Packing/Processing Resources:  Edition 102

This webinar will specifically address liabilities of selling food and selling beef. We'll also talk about ways to protect your business.
This webinar is hosted by the Beef Packing and Processing Task Force. It is meant to be part of a series of webinars meant to provide resources for those interested in exploring the potential in Oklahoma.

Speakers Include:

Rodney B. Holcomb, PH.D., Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics @C.B. Browning Endowed Professor, OSU Food & Agricultural Products Center
He has been on the faculty at Oklahoma State University since March 1997. His research interests lie in the areas of value-added manufacturing economics and market evaluations. His goals are to identify economically feasible activities and business structures for adding value to regional agricultural commodities, along with determining the impacts of these activities on local and state economies.

Shannon FerrellAssociate Professor @Oklahoma State University
Shannon Ferrell holds the rank of Professor in the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics, where he specializes in Agricultural Law. He grew up on a cattle and wheat operation in Western Oklahoma, and obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Agricultural Economics from OSU before obtaining his Juris Doctorate from the Oklahoma City University School of Law with endorsements in Estate Planning and Business and Financial Services Law. Shannon has been an attorney for 16 years, spending a number of years in full-time private practice before joining OSU in the summer of 2007.

Chuck Willoughby, M.S., Business and Marketing Relations Manager @Oklahoma State University Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center
Business and market planning and evaluation for food product entrepreneurs; agricultural economics and marketing, and community development
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