Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen's Association Summer Preview Show

The 2019 OJCA Preview Show was a great time!  We had well over 150 young cattlemen participate in the activities and contests held throughout the three-day, family friendly event.  The cattle show brought in 330 head of quality cattle.  Hosted by the OJCA Board of Directors, the event includes a quiz bowl, livestock judging contest, showmanship contest, cow camp contest, public speaking contest and  a highly competitive steer and heifer show.   We appreciate the loyal support of 'Visit Stillwater' to this event!  




 2019 OJCA Preview Show and Contest Results

Supreme Heifer: Madilyn Norvell, Simmental
Res. Supreme Heifer: Kelton Arthur, Charolais
Third Overall Heifer: Sydney Johnson, Charolais

Supreme Bred & Owned Heifer: Sydney Johnson, Charolais
Res. Supreme Bred & Owned Heifer: Ryan Callahan, Angus

Grand Champion Prospect: Baylor Bonham, Crossbred
Res. Grand Champion Prospect: Kaid Reininger, Maine-Anjou

Grand Champion Progress: Stetson Hall, Charolais 
Res. Grand Champion Progress: Claire Collins, Charolais

Showmanship Contest
Champion: Claire Cunningham
Res. Champion: Bria Herndon

Champion: McCoy Landwehr
Res. Champion: Stetson Hall

Champion: Avery Blakey
Res. Champion: Montana Brackett

Champion: Sarah Armitage
Res. Champion: Hudson Myers

Speech Contest
1st Place: Madilyn Norvell

1st Place: Kayden Offolter
2nd Place: Peyton Collum
3rd Place: Kinley Collum

1st Place: Madison Henderson
2nd Place: Blake Henrichs

1st Place: Morgan Nipp

Salesmanship Contest
1st Place: Tylee Elmore

1st Place: Brynna Herndon
2nd Place: Kade Henrichs
3rd Place: Peyton Collum

1st Place: Blake Henrichs
2nd Place: Peyton Bollinger

1st Place: Morgan Nipp

Quiz Bowl

1st Place: “Senior Team 1” – Ally Angelly, Kennedy Beason, Jace James & Blake Henrichs
2nd Place: “Bristow Pirates” – Abby Bell, Ruby Bell, Turner Longacre, Laramie Blakley 

1st Place: “Okies” – Peyton Collum, Kinley Collum, Kreas Richard, Denver McKay
2nd Place: “Team Teal” – Cierra Collins, Timber Mefford, Hadlee Hunt, Tenley Mefford 

Quiz Bowl

1st Place: “The Heifers & Ryne” – Ryne Crosthwait, Teegin Crosthwait & Rylee Abney
2nd Place: “Super Punchers” – Laramy Blakley, Dax Delozier, Kya Rhodes, Kelton Arthur

1st Place: “Fam Bam” – Berkley McKay, Kamdyn McKay, Denver McKay, Tate Bell
2nd Place: “Rogers County Kids” – Will Willhour, Brylee Spurlock, McKenzie Boyer

Fitting Contest

1st Place: “The Three Amigos” – Kennedy Vanzant, Denver McKay, Kelton Arthur
2nd Place: “Three Stooges” – Blake Henrichs, Pepper Elmore, Tyler Abney
3rd Place: “Punkin Center Gang” – Brock Cottrell, Kash Harris, Huck Hanza