Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen's Association Summer Preview Show

Thank you to everyone who attended, helped and sponsored this three-day, family friendly event is more just a cattle show!  Hosted by the OJCA Board of Directors, the event includes a quiz bowl, livestock judging contest, showmanship contest, cow camp contest, public speaking contest and  a highly competitive steer and heifer show.   

The results are in!  Congratulations to the young cattlemen listed below!

Speech Contest:
Senior Division
1st place- Morgan Nipp        
2nd place- Carley Schroeder
3rd place- Lara Hays      

Intermediate Division
1st place- Tatum Disidore
2nd place- Emma Holland
3rd place- Charley Johnson       

Junior Division
1st place- Parker Lockhart
2nd place- Ryne Crosthwait
3rd place- Dev-Ann Geary

Novice Division
1st place- Kelton Arthur
2nd place- Madelyn Norvell
3rd place- Brynna Herndon

Cow Camp:
Junior Division
1st place –(Team name: MMCD)-Morely Griffith, Matt Burris, Carter Hubbard, and Denver McKay
2nd place- (Team name: Strikers)-Allyson Arthur, Kelton Arthur, Madilyn Norvell, and Lathan Rogers 

Senior Division
1st place- (Team name: Hudson)-Hudson Myers, Tristan Fields, and Shelby Hubbard
2nd place- (Team name: C.A.R.T)-Cara Cummins, Abby Bell, Ruby Bell, and Turner Longacre

Quiz Bowl:
Junior Division
1st place -(Team name: C,C,S, & K)-Caity Ramsey, Cody Ramsey, Stanton Hooper, and Kynlee Waters
2nd place-(Team name: MMC)-Morley Griffith, Matt Burris, and Carter Hubbard

Senior Division
1st place-(Team name: Jackson County)-Wyatt Jensen, Allie Angelly, Jace James, and Cooper Cummins
2nd place-(Team name: C.A.R.T)-Cara Cummins, Abby Bell, Ruby Bell, and Turner Longacre

Bedwell Bros. Memorial Team Fitting Contest
1st place-(Team name: PB&K)-Kennedey Lockhart, Parker Lockhart, and Baylor Bonham
2nd place-(Team name: Pistol Pete)-Grady Morton, Hunter Morton, and Kaid Reininger
3rd place-(team name: The 3 Musketeers)-Kennedey Vanzant, Tristan Fields, and Madi Shout

Progress Steer:
Grand Champion-Kaid Reininger
Res. Grand Champion-Kolby Kokojan 

Prospect Steer:
Grand Champion- Cierra Collins
Res. Grand Champion-Sadie Wynne      

Futurity Steer:
Grand Champion-Morley Griffith
Res. Grand Champion- Savannah Warch

Futurity Heifer:
Grand Champion-Macy Shoulders
Res. Grand Champion-Cale Garver

Supreme Champion-McKenzie Layton
Res. Supreme-Sydney Johnson
Third Overall-Pepper Elmore



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Show Rules

Entry Fee: $40 per Head | $10 Showmanship Entry Fee
Open to Oklahoma exhibitors only. OJCA membership required & may be paid at time of entry.

• All Breeds Represented. Minimum not required to make a breed.
• No Health Papers Required
• OCCA Sanctioned—Double Points!
• Shavings available on-site.
• Generators encouraged.
• No adhesive or glue allowed in the heifer show.
• No added hair allowed in steer show.
• Prospect Steers: 850 lbs. and under; Progress Steers: 851 lbs. and above. All steers will be weighed by show officials.
• Cattle cannot leave the fairgrounds once checked in.


Thursday, May 31
8:00 AM Show office Opens
10 AM - 3 PM Steer & Heifer Check-In
11:00 AM OJCA Speech Contest
4:00 PM OJCA Showmanship

Friday, June 1
7:00 AM Show Office Opens
8:00 AM Entry deadline - ALL Cattle Must Be Checked in
8:30 AM OJCA Judging Contest, Rodeo Arena weather permitting
11:00 AM OJCA Quiz Bowl Contest
1:00 PM OJCA Cow Camp Contest
4:30 PM Fitting Contest
6:00 PM OJCA Hamburger Feed + Barnyard Olympics

Saturday, June 2
8:00 AM Heifer Show
10:00 AM Steer Show (Prospect followed by Progress)


Hotel Room Blocks

Holiday Inn & Suites
715 S. Country Club Road, Stillwater, OK
Rate: $84/night + tax
Cutoff: May 10, 2018 | Group code: PSE

LaQuinta Inn & Suites
5285 W 6th Ave., Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 564-0599
Rate: $79-$89/night + tax
Cutoff: May 10, 2018 | Code: OJCA

For more information, contact:

Tiffani Pruitt, OJCA Coordinator 
[email protected] | 405-517-4234 | 405-235-4391